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How to Update Kodi on Fire TV Stick

Any of the old Kodi user (latest as on date is 17.6 Krypton) on your Fire TV / Stick, this article is for your help. Here we will learn how to update Kodi on FireStick or Fire TV without the help of computer. We have here explained a very simple and easy guide, but the thing you need to do is to follow the steps very carefully as told in the guide. We are just saying this so that you won’t get the victim of any other query later on.

If you are a new user and wants to be a Kodi user, first install Kodi. Let me inform you that it is the best Amazon Fire Stick apps which can be installed on your device. You just have to Follow this guide to learn how to install Kodi on FireStick.

how to update kodi on firestick or fire tv

The methodology of how to update Kodi on Fire TV without any loss of the present Add-ons or Builds is explained very clearly. An ES File Explorer app will be used to update the Kodi app. This ES file explorer is a free app and is available very easily via Amazon App Store. It can also be installed by using FireStick search option. A downloader app on your device can also be used.

Note: If there is any kind of buffering problems on your Kodi, new update might fix them with the new update. but if still there are issues you should visit our guide on Kodi buffering issues.

Amazon FireStick has been used in this guide with Alexa voice Remote to show the steps of update. Just read the important instructions below before continuing with the steps for updating Kodi on your Fire TV / Stick.

Important #1 If you desire to update your Kodi version from Jarvis to Krypton, you might wish for a pure installation besides any update. Many users are complaining that they are facing issues after updating Kodi 16.X to Kodi 17.X. As we know that this update of Jarvis to Krypton is one of the major updates, so some files might face an incomplete installation during the update process.

Uninstall your current Kodi version 

Reinstall latest Kodi app on FireStick

Important #2 If you are upgrading any version of Kodi 17 Krypton to Kodi 17.6 Krypton, the updated guide will work best for you. Just an example, if you update Kodi 17.4 to Kodi 17.6 Krypton on your Fire TV without any kind of troubles. Another plus point is that you will not lose any of your personal data such as Add-ons/Builds or Skins that you are using in the present time.

Important #3 if you are planing to update from Kodi 16 to Kodi 17, I recommend to switch your skin to the default Kodi skin which is known as “Estuary” You will be seeing only a plain black screen if your currently skin doesn’t support Kodi 17 this will have no fixes except a complete reinstall of Kodi app.

To go back to the default Kodi skin just go to Settings > Interface Settings > Skin. All the Kodi skins are displayed here. Just simple way is to switch to Estuary. “Confluence” or “Estouchy” also supports Kodi 17.6 so you can also select them.

how to change kodi skin

How to Update Kodi on FireStick / Fire TV

So, now you are aware of all the important things in your mind just before updating Kodi on your FireStick with Alexa voice remote, now lets move ahead with the steps. Chill..!!! It’s computer free.

Pro Tip: A Kodi VPN is the only safety that you need to avoid copyright notices, DMCA, ISP throttling, and geo-blocking of best Kodi addonsYour identity is shown as anonymous with the help of VPN.

Step 1: Prepare FireStick for Kodi Update

#1. Visit Fire Stick “Settings > Device > Developer Options. An option that you see “Unknown Sources”. Just make sure that this is turned ON.

allow apps from unknown sources firestick

#2. Return back to Settings > Applications > Collect App Usage Data. Here turn OFF “Collect App Usage Data.”

amazon fire stick kodi

Step 2: Download Kodi Update on Fire TV Stick

The very recent update available on the date is Kodi 17.6 Krypton. Now we will first download tyhe updated app on your Amazon Fire Stick device.

#1. Type “ES File Explorer” after going to Fir Stick Search menu. Also, click on the name when it appears in recommendations.

es file explorer firestick

#2. Download and Install “ES FILE Explorer.” Open it after it has been installed.

#3. Take a look at the left sidebar menu suggestions and locate to “Tools > Download Manager.” Here click the ‘+’ icon as presented.


#4. A new window or a pop-up box will be opened. Enter “Path” URL as and type “Kodi176″ in the “Name” box. Click “Download Now”.

download kodi 17.6 update on firestick

Step 3: Update Kodi 17.6 Krypton on FireStick / Fire TV

As we know that we have downloaded latest Kodi 17.6 update file on your FireStick. Now, we are about to start with the final steps of installing new Kodi update on FireStick.

#1. Click “Open File” after the update file has been downloaded.

open kodi on firestick

#2. Choose “Install.”

how to update kodi on firestick

#3. There is an installation screen with a message “Do want to install an update to this existing application? All of your data is save, it won’t be lost”. Click “Install”

update kodi on fire tv stick

#4. Finally, we have updated the Kodi app on Fire TV Stick to the latest version 17.6. For the verification of new update, launch Kodi, for that visit to Setting > System Info and take a look at the Kodi version on the right bottom of your scree.

check latest kodi version


I again suggest a Kodi VPN to safe your identity while streaming with Kodi. Better to be aware than regret!. I use it personally and recommend ExpressVPN which is no doubt a perfect VPN for its fastest Speed.

Kodi Update Failed on FireStick?

If you are upgrading Kodi version 16 (Jarvis) to version 17 (Krypton) and if the above mentioned steps are still not working or cooperating with you, just follow the below mentioned steps. These steps explains about the clean install and your existing data will be lost.

Step 1: Uninstall Kodi from Fire TV Stick

In the very beginning we have to uninstall the current version of Kodi from your Fire TV Stick. Follow the explained steps.

#1. Visit t Fire Stick Settings and open “Application.”

fire tv stick applications menu

#2. Select “Manage Installed Applications”

firestick manage installed applications

#3. Locate “Kodi” and click it.

kodi in firestick settings

#4. Click “Force Stop” to make it sure that Kodi is not working in the background.

force close kodi on fire tv stick

#5. Click “Uninstall”

uninstall kodi from firestick

At last, Kodi has been removed from your Fire TV/Stick. We will reinstall Kodi 17.6 that is known as the most recent release as on date. It is a little bit same as the above mentioned methods. You are also allowed to follow this link to visit and check different ways to install Kodi 17.6 Krypton on Fire TV Stick.

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