How to Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick ! All Possible ways (2018)

When Jailbreak  Amazon  fire stick was initiated it keeps altered the TV viewing abruptly. While it has allocated a gust to traditional television but still it experienced an utmost inadequacy. The Amazon fire stick proffers content like voot, hotstar etc.but it should be cleared that all this is not free nor available all over the world. This is the reason many users buy it and is amused by fire stick.

On the other hand there is an option by which you can unlock vast amount of content free of cost? For this you will need jailbreak fire stick. By using this you can unlock any content free. And the best this about this is that jailbreak fire stick permitted by law. In Amazon Fire TV stick you can do what you want because it belong to your personal premises. Beware, don’t stream pirated content it is illegal.

Guideline To Jailbreak Fire Stick

jailbreak Amazon Firestick
Amazon FireStick jailbreak is not a difficult process. There are many jailbreak firestick found on internet but I will recommend don’t waste the money on buying jailbreak firestick because you can understand this process easily can do by your own self.

These are the steps to jailbreak Amazon Fire stick.

How to set the Fire Stick for jail breaking
 If you want to set up the fire stick for jail breaking all you need is an internet connectivity, remote and the most important thing is a fire stick. You don’t need computer for all this process. So let’s start the process.

1) The first and the most important step is first open the settings and click on the device by using your remote.
jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick2) Next go to Developer Options Here you have to select two options firstly turn on apps from unknown source the enable ADB debugging.
jailbreak Amazon FireStick3) If you want to hack the fire stick easily then one more thing you have to do before you continue. Go back to settings and click on applications. Here you have to turn on the Collect app usage data.
jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick
Here the first step is accomplished now we move forward to the second step. The first step will confirm you that Amazon Fire Stick is ready to get unlocked.

Installation procedure of ES Explorer on Fire stick

Now the second step is proceeded further by installing ES file explorer on Fire Stick.
ES file explorer is used to jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick and to run a Kodi on it. This is a free application, you can easily download it from Amazon App store.

1) Visit the Amazon App store and search for the ES file explorer. The results related to this will be displayed below now select the ES file explorer and open it.

2) Now download it to proceed further.

3) Install it own your device and open it.

Kodi installation on Fire Stick

The third and the final step is to install kodi on Fire Stick. Kodi can be installed in many ways but here we will install it by using ES explorer. This app consist of all the multimedia content on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

1) Open the ES file explorer menu . Now on the left side of the screen you will see the tools option further click on the download manager and then click on new.
jailbreak firestick 2) Now a small window will appear on screen which will ask your path and name. On the path field, type and in the name field type Kodi Krypton.

3) After entering the path and name click on download now.
4) When the APK file is downloaded then open the file and click on install. The installation process will begin.
5) Now by using remote click install option.
6) After installation your fire stick is now jail broken.

7) Now open the app and do what you want.

How to Use Jail broken Fire Stick

Now once you have jail broken your fire stick. It is strictly instructed to you that everything which you are streaming is observed by the government so be careful don’t stream the illegal content on your device.
On the hand there is an option by using that you can hide your content from government. The best way for this is you have to download the VPN.VPN is the fastest and the most secure connection and the best thing is that it is appropriate with kodi and easy to install.

The best VPN so far is Express VPN. So before you start using jailbreak fire stick you have to install VPN first.

Steps for downloading VPN are as follow

Step 1: Open the app store and search for express VPN now click on the desired result. The one of the best thing about VPN is that I you are not satisfied with the performance you can refund your money back within 30 days.
jailbreak Amazon FireStickStep 2: Now click download and install it on your fire stick.
jailbreak Amazon FireStickStep 3: Now open the app and enter your login details like your email and password and then click on sign in. If you are the new user then click on the new user below the sign in form and fill the required information.
jailbreak Amazon FireStickStep 4: The last and the final step is to click the power button on after that your connection is VPN secure.
jailbreak Amazon FireStickNow start your kodi on your fire stick and enjoy!!!

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