Guideline to fix Failed to Install a Dependency on Kodi

In this article you will get to know how to fix Failed to Install a dependency on kodi. You will receive an error message when you will install addon.

Kodi is the media player which is very power-full these day and is used to stream the content like Live TV globally. The third party addons on kodi make it more amazing. The third party addons are used to stream your favorite content from different servers online. Addons are counted on external services which are known as dependencies.

Almost all addons need dependencies to rasp the internet to stream the content you need. The addons like Exodus,Sports devil etc when installed in parallel to this dependencies which are required are also installed. Kodi shows an error when dependency is failed to install and if the dependency is not installed then addon cannot be installed on kodi.

To fix Failed to Install a Dependency on Kodi

I have been failed to install a dependency on kodi several times after summarizing the result I have analyzed that the solutions mentioned below will surely work for you.

1. To clear the kodi Cache

If you clear the cache on kodi this may help you to some extent to fix the error Failed to install a dependency. To delete the cache is better than deleting the whole data because it also reset the settings of addons and kodi.
To clear the cache the one of the best way is to do it through Ares Wizard. Install it on your device it will take around 4 to 5 minutes.

Step 1: Move on and run Ares Wizard you will see it at Kodi Home-Screen.Now click on Add-ons.

Step 2: When the loading of the wizard is completed now click on maintenance tab.
Step 3: Now on the right side of the screen click on Delete Cache/Temp.
Step 4: A small window will appear on screen named as Cache Deleted click OK here to continue.When the cache size is grown larger it may cause many problem. So deleting cache may help you with Failed to install dependency error.

2. Clearing the Kodi Data

Only clearing the cache is not enough to resolve the install a dependency error. Sometimes you have to be wiser. Another side option for this is to uninstall kodi and reinstall it. Before installing it again you must try clearing the data. By clearing the data the kodi is restored and factory is set to default.
Go to settings menu and reset Kodi on your device if you will see a warning box with a message failed to install a dependency. Ares Wizard can also to use to clear the data on kodi.

To install Ares Wizard on kodi use the following steps mentioned below:

Step 1:After installing run Ares Wizard you will see it at Kodi Home-Screen.Now click on Add-ons.Step 2: When the loading of the wizard is completed now click Erase all Data/Fresh Start.
Step 3: A small window will appear on screen named as Ares Wizard- Fresh Start click OK here to continue.Step 4: Now if you want to keep the settings as before then click proceed to continue.After deleting the data all the addons including Ares Wizard is deleted.

3. To restore the Kodi Database

By restoring the database your issues may be resolved. You can fix the errors within kodi. The corrupt database does not stops you using kodi.

Here are some steps by which you will learn how to restore kodi database:

Step 1: Open Kodi home screen and click on settings.Step 2: Now click on File manager.Step 3: Now click on Profile Directory.Step 4: Click Database.Step 5: Now here you have to select Addons27.db and now select delete.Step 6: Now click Yes to continue the process.Step 7: Now close the window and Run it again after sometime and reinstall the addon which you were installing when you received a message of failed to install dependency error.

After you have restored the database run kodi again and go to Add-ons then My add-ons and enable the existing addons.

4) To install the Kodi Dependencies Manually

If any of the method above is not helpful then install Kodi dependencies manually by using TV addons repository. This will surely help you to find the better solution.

Following are the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to Kodi home screen and open Settings the click System Settings.

Step 2: Now select Add-ons and enable unknown sources by moving the cursor from left to right.Step 3: Now you will see a warning message on your screen click yes to proceed it will not harm your device.Step 4: Now open the settings from Kodi home screen and click on File manager.Step 5: Now click on Add source.Step 6: A prompt window will appear name as Add file source Click <None>.Step 7: Here you have to enter the URL Make sure you have written the link correctly and click OK.Step 8: Now type the name for the media source and click OK.Step 9: Now click Add-ons from the kodi home screen menu.Step 10: You will see a Package Installer on the top left of the screen click on it.Step 11: Now click Install from zip file.
Step 12: Now select the name you have entered before for the source. KodiStep 13: Now open Kodi-repos.Step 14: Click English.Step 15: Now open the repository when the update is released the version is automatically updated.Step 16: A notification will we popped up when the TV Addons Co repository installed.

From the TV Addons repository if you want to install some other dependencies then follow the steps bellow:

Step 1: Open the Kodi home screen click on Add-ons then Package Installer further more click Install from zip file.

Step 2: Now click the name you have entered before for the source and then open kodi-scripts.

Step 3: Here you will see a list of zip files.Step 4: By clicking on these two scripts one by one install it.

All the dependencies are installed successfully no again install the addon which was throwing the error of failed to install dependency. This may solve your problem.

What if Kodi dependencies not met?

This is very common error.The error of kodi dependencies will occur when the addon you are using is already update for the new version.If I am using the old version of kodi and the addons which are available are compatible with the new version of kodi.

There are some addons which are suitable with the older version but not same for all the addons. The solution for this problem is very easy all you have to do is to update Kodi to the latest version.
One thing you have to keep in mind is that kodi don’t support update within the app. So you will need a fresh install.

Note: The error named as “The dependency on version could not be satisfied” is same as “Kodi dependencies not met” and it can be resolved by using any of the methods mentioned above or simply by updating kodi.

Kodi log file checking
If any of the mentioned methods will not help you then check the kodi error log file. It will help you to find out what problem you are facing.
There are few addons of kodi which may help you to check the log.When you are viewing the log search message failed to install dependency. Here kodi experts will help you to find the problem and the reason of problem occurred when you share the log file.

The addons mainly depend upon the dependencies if the dependencies are not installed then you are also failed to install the addon. Addons help you to fetch the streaming content from different servers to you on kodi. The error failed to install a dependency is a common error you may go through it by using any of the method mentioned above.

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