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Top Best Working Kodi Addons List 100% Working *[2018]*

Best Kodi Addons to Win Over the World [2018]

Last updated March 17, 2018 by Edward

Now, Kodi has successfully been installed on your PC/Amazon Fire TV Stick or any other system. (Yet if not done, visit how to install Kodi on FireStick). But downloading Kodi on your system won’t do the magic. The venture Kodi to the complete and take its full benefits, you’ll need Kodi Addons. This is the reason that I have made this record list of best Kodi Addons 2018. These Addons admire Kodi by helping users in accessing burdens of tons of streaming services, and other media related stations.

best kodi addons

Huge number of Addons for Kodi Krypton is presently available over the Amazon App Store and browser. Therefore many of the other third-party Kodi Addons have been taken down by the jurisdiction and many Kodi archives are not in the progress. Therefore, it is now a very uninteresting job to choose the perfect Kodi Addons for your system.

  • Attention : Kodi users must use  VPN to hide their identity while streaming movies / TV Shows / Sports. Moreover, many popular Add-ons are geo-blocked and will require a VPN to work.

Disclaimer: a copyrighted is never appreciated by us under any condition. Whenever we have mentioned about any steaming, we just talk about that streaming which is copyright free and is visible for the public domain. Last but not the least our videos are just for the academic purposes.

Best Kodi Addons 2018


We here have mentioned the best Kodi Add-ons which are in a present time working and are a compulsory if you desire for a full fledge movies, TV shows and all.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Movies & TV Shows :

kodi addons

Neptune Rising :

It is available to download from Blamo repository. It provides full free movies and TV serial’s streaming without any delays and other issues. Neptune rising is now a day gaining its demand as the best Kodi Addons because of Covenant and Exodus.

neptune rising

The most perfect thing about this addon is, the owners of this addon are continuously updating and promoting this to ensure that this is working without any issue or any delay. I’ve already given a trial on Kodi 17.6 Krypton and it runs steadily. The running URLs for the Blamo repository keep changing, but don’t worry here I have provided with the latest working URL for this famous Kodi Addon.

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Genesis Reborn :

Previous Kodi users might be known with the name Genesis. This Kodi Addon was very famous once but faces a downfall by the agencies. But now, it has been renewed by the Jesus Box Media in the form of Genesis Reborn.

genesis reborn

This is a good as its predecessor was, and way better in many different aspects like UI. It has been declared as the heaven for those who love to watch TV shows with amazing image result. This Kodi Addon can be received by downloaded from the Jesus Box Repository. Genesis Reborn is recently updated on March 17.


Alright, Exodus Kodi Addon is still here. If it has stopped from the repo shown below, do let me know in the commenting area below. I’ll provide you with the alternate repo or there would be none, it will surely be removed from the short listed best Kodi Addons.


Exodus would be no less than iOS if it were a smartphone world. It’s one of the most famous Kodi Addons. Produced by Lambda, this not only possess of a huge collection of TV channels, movies and other Medias, which is regularly updated with also, an amazing interface. A well categorized content has been published with different genre, year, top rated etc. you can also look for the media using the names of famous celebrities. It also runs IMDB and features latest serials. Most popular of them are HBO, Netflix etc.

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Many of the forks of Exodus Kodi addon was taken down. Exodus also covered the way for its ascenders Covenant, however it is still present.
This fabulous Kodi Krypton Addon can be downloaded from Kodil repo. We have here the step by step to learn how to install Exodus on Kodi.


Covenant is also a Lambda offering. Basically, it’s a replacement of Exodus. It is more sustained than its predecessors and it was introduced by Lambda after hearing many complaints from the Exodus users. The updates became way slower and were same to the demise of Kickass Torrents. Covenant has given again a life to the expired Exodus. In order to install Kodi Covenant, you are supposed to remove Exodus now.


Note : Covenant is not updated now days. But the addon is still working and in progress. And it won’t get any bugs from the developers. In the past days it was available at Kodil or Colossus Repo, but now it is presently available in a new repository called XvBMC

  • URL for this Repo –


It’s an Exodus fork and was introduced after the expiration of Exodus. It is a surety that it is as good as Exodus. It shows a same UI as that of Exodus. It’s a heaven for all the music lovers.


  • It is available in the Kodil Repo –

Poseidon :

It’s a new Kodi Addon but has gathered a huge popularity among clients for a great interface which falls in line with Exodus and Covenant. The library of Poseidon is updated by the time continuously.


  • It can be downloaded from the Noobs and Nerds repository –

BOB (unrestricted) Unleashed :

BOB Unrestricted itself was a popular Kodi Addon and no doubt that Kodi users would be very much familiar with this. An updated form of this has been bought by Noobs and Nerds Repo in the form of BOB Unleashed. It has names such as Thunder, TNPB and Valhalla. This BOB Unleashed has allowed clients to stream high quality movies and sports related streaming as well.

Bob unrestricted

BOB Unleashed, this Kodi Video Addon from the Kodil Repo because it could earlier downloaded from the Noobs and Nerds Repo, which are in a present time on a lower level.

  • URL of Kodil Repo –

Quantum :

Quantum is a re known face of very popular Sanctuary Addon which had not any clue of existence sine long time. This Kodi Addon for Fire TV had allowed the user to search for TV shows/ serials and such thing on their own will and demand.


  • Now, it can be downloaded from the Sanctuary repository –

Specto Fork :

One of the best Kodi Addon for the Fire TV is Specto Fork which is an Exodus Fork. It’s a stylized and modified version of the Exodus. It is a great library of movies and but it also offers all of such media which are categorized under different headings as, genre, actor, most watched etc. A detailed classifies of movies and TV shows for the followers. This Kodi Addon also provides all the Sky TV channels which are not live.

Specto Fork

You have to be sure to take a route to check this fabulous Addon for PC/ FireStick.

  • You can avail it by downloading it from Kodil Repo –

Flixanity :

It’s one of the perfect Kodi Addons for videos. It supports an easily streaming for the users about the recent TV shows and movies without any issues like buffering. Flixanity has its own streaming website and is the source of all the video contents. It is an amazing user-friendly UI and it worth’s to on the list of Best Kodi Addons 2018.


  • It is available on Kodil Repository –

Elysium Lite :

For those who love to debauch to watch all the recent hits and movies, Elysium is there for all the viewers of such demands. As it is one of the best Kodi Addons of 2018. This Kodi is regularly updated with the time to prove that it is one of the most stable Add-ons for Kodi.

Elysium Lite

Contents ranging from the animated ones to the documentaries are available as well on this Kodi. It has been ranked as one the best video Addons available till yet. Elysium Lite was previously available at Noobs and Nerds (NaN), But the NaN is now days down.Therefore, the Addon isn’t being updated that sustainably, But is available at the

  • Kodil Repo –


It is one of the best Kodi Addons available yet for the Fire TV followers who are addicted to watching Movies and TV Shows. It’s a fresh updated version of erstwhile and is extremely popular Kodi Addon Phoenix and hence has a huge amount of contributors. These contributors include Bennu kids, Bennu Live, Uraeus, etc.


  • Its download is available on Kodil Repo –


A highly downloaded Kodi Addon for Amazon Fire TV is UK Turk Playlist. It also hosts Turkish Movies, Dramas, Shows, and Cartoons and lives streaming as well. The UI is pretty clean and delicate. The Addon works flawlessly and has justified its appearance on the list of best Kodi Addons, 2018.


  • You can download it from Turk Repo –

The Pyramid :

It’s a trustworthy and honest Kodi Addon that is present for a quiet of time period. The contents of various groups like kids, sports, movies music. Categories like top 10 HD and 3D movies.

The Pyramid

  • It can be downloaded from the zero Tolerance repo – (

1 Channel PrimeWire :

The best of all the video Streaming Kodi Addons is 1 Channel Primewire. It is a very clean UI and a fantastic media library. It was before available at Fusion Repository, but it’s not available there and can be downloaded from the

1 Channel PrimeWire

  • Simply Caz Repo –

SafeHouse Movies :

Another great and fantastic movie addon for Kodi Addon which are currently available. These might be a little known but this is a heaven for those who love the old and classic movies. Another super advantage of this SafeHouse Movies is that it gets constantly updates.

SafeHouse Movies

  • You can this from here –


This is obviously the best Kodi Addon for FireStick users. It’s just a little time to its existence and is very popular among those who love to watch the old movies due to its vast collection. HEVC video club is well known for its sustainability and a great quality of visuals.


  • This Kodi is currently available from the Kodil Repo –

FTV (Film on TV) :

Another Kodi Krypton Addon ranking on our list of best Kodi Addons. FTV is another heaven for the movie lovers. It is used as the substitution for the USTVNOW and has perfect collection. Recording feature as is offered by this Kodi Addon, but you’ll need FTV account for that.


  • You can download this FTV from this URL –

123 Movies :

It’s very well known as the precious piece for all of the Apple Users. As it features an extremely huge record or movies and TV shows. It provides followers to look and decide movies of different categories like the year of release etc.

123 Movies

  • 123 movies can be downloaded from this URL –

F.U.B.A.R :

It is as like as 123 movies. It is a Mucky Duck production. Its different form the rest of the list Kodi Addons. It features a Panda Section that has a classic collection of family movies. It also consists the Bollywood section for those who are a fan of the Indian Movies.


  • It is available on Mucky Duck and you can avail this by downloading it from this URL –

MetalliQ :

Those who are passionate about movies MetalliQ is the best Kodi Addon for that. Popular, Classic and Latest movies are present on MetalliQ. Music streaming is also offered in this.


  • You can download this from the mentioned URL –


A Renew version of the erstwhile popular Kodi add-on Stream Army. It contains everything from TV show . It has perfect contributors and everything and is safe.


  • Download this from Stream Army Repo –


It’s a new Kodi add-on but has gathered good fame in a very short time. It allows the user to search old cult classic movies YouTube and such other activities.


  • Download it through the BC Repo –


Yet another huge all in one collection Kodi addon for Amazon Fire TV. It possesses movies, IPTV, TV shows and old cult movies.


  • You can download this from Merlin Repo –


It was not working for a short period pf time but its luck raised, it gained again much popularity and it is a great Kodi add-on. You can load a variety of media content that involves 3D movies, TV shows and such other contents. Agent 47 had this Kodi earlier but has unfortunately been taken down. You can download this for FireStick or some other devices through this URL mentioned from xvbmc repo :




This is another addon which was also down once but now it has been updated and is progressing. It is used to find most famous for the timely TV shows on your Fire TV. In the previous time Openloaded Movies couldn’t download from the Dandy Media Repo but now,


  • This Kodi is currently available from Kodil Repo – (


As we learn from its name, it is a production of Mucky Duck Repo ( that is very famous for the Kodi add-ons. These Days Mucky Duck is not working properly. So, if I suggest an alternate solution,


  • It would be to download this Kodi Addon from Kodil Repo –


The latest Kodi Krypton add-on is Live Tube Kodi. As it takes all the live streaming and are being installed in YouTube at any moment to take it to Amazon Fire TV, so it deserves to be in the list of Best Kodi add-ons. You must try this.


  • For a trial you can download this Kodi from the mentioned URL for Fusion repo –

Best Kodi Addons For Live Sports : Dc sports kodi


One of the most well-knows sports Kodi add-ons. As it provides live streaming of a vast range of sporting. If you are a UFC fan, you won’t regret as you can enjoy full UFC matches using this Kodi add-on.


  • You can download this from the URL mentioned from the evergreen Kodil Repo –

Note : I surely suggest a Kodi VPN to hide your identity while using the Kodi. It’s good to be safe than to regret !


It would be the covenant of Kodi Sports Addons. It must have an addon for sports passionate. As it is another which live streaming to enjoy the sports. You can even look up for your favorite matches just in case if you missed the live action.


It could be downloaded from Fusion repo, but in the present time it’s available from Kodil repo. Here’s the way to install SportsDevil on Kodi.


It is of course one of the best Kodi Add-on for Kodi Krypton. You can easily watch live matches of NBA NFL, MLB and such other with the help of great addon. It also, provides replays and highlights of the matches. Those who are very much interested in American Sports cannot avoid this Pro Sports Kodi Addon.


  • It is currently available from the Fusion Repo –

Enjoy yourself by finding your favorite Kodi Addons from a huge Kodi Market..!!


Top Kodi list would be called incomplete of Stream Engine is not mentioned, it is also known as “ way to non-stop entertainment” though it shows movies TV shows and other contents. But is famous for its Sports Experience. Channels like Sky Sports, ESPN, NBA and other channels are supported by stream engine.


  • These fantastic sports Kodi should be tried you can download this amazing Kodi from amazing Kodil Repo –


BOOM kodi addon

Boom is a very new Kodi Sports addon, which is doing very well. It’s a huge media library divided into different categorizes like sports channels etc. You can follow some guide to learn how to install boom Addon on Kodi Krypton.


Other sports Addon it features a number of sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sports etc. Everything is very well mannered and well stabilized with a rich media library.

RISING TIDES kodi addon

  • You can download this from the Mulla Fabz Repository –


Ace Stream is different from the other Kodi Addons due to its work on BitTorrent protocol. For this you’ll need an add-on called Plexus Player to use Ace Stream. Plexus can be installed from the Fusion Repository. Now after adding got you can stream as many channels as you can.

ACE STREAM kodi addon

  • I was earlier found at –
  • You can now download it form the Plexus program from the evergreen Kodil Repo –


It has garnered a critically fame due to its amazing streaming quality. It has been provided with the separate streaming links to the live sports add-ons. Its features include wrestling and boxing including UFC.


  • Halow Live Tv is presently available in this repo –

Best Kodi Addons for Streaming WWE : wwe kodi addons


As the name explains itself, this is for WWE lovers. Here you can watch every kind of events like RAW, Smack Down, and other events like those who love Wrestle Mania. You can even buffer old matches from the archives section and for all of this you are supposed to download WWE on Demand from the most well-known


  • Ares repo –


Another great Sports addon on the list. Fighting or Wrestling fans would love this Kodi Addon because it also offers other events as UFC and TNA besides WWE. So now go and install and don’t think to miss a chance of enjoying.


  • Visit the URL mentioned from the Super Repo –


This Kodi was at a state of complete shut down in the past few years. It is a renovated version of Kodi Add-on UFC Finest. Planet MMA gives all the UFC viewed fights and old matches.


  • You can take full advantage of this Kodi Addon by downloading it from this repo –


Again, it is an updated version of erstwhile popular add-on Oblivion. This amazing and wonderful Kodi sports add-on praises an amazing collection of the timely best sports events.


  • Now, install Sanctuary from this Repo –

Best Kodi Add-ons For Geo-Restricted Content : kodi addons for geo restricted content


It’s a legal replacement of a famous Live Hub Kodi Add-on. It displays a built-in add-on called Mobdro that features TV channels from all across the world. You might need a VPN to streams which aren’t allowed in your country.


  • Visit stream hub here –


A fairly and honest new Kodi Add-on which has seen a great fame among the TV Channel. It provides a different IPTV streaming like movie channels, TV shows etc. You’ll need a Kodi VPN to enjoy Maverick TV.


  • Now download it form the Maverick TV repo –

This repo was last update on March 18,2018 .

ZemTV :

One of the finest TV add-ons for Kodi. This Kodi was developed by author, ZemTV offers more variety of TV channels all across the globe.
These are very well updated and never regret. It gives ranges from as of cartoons, sports etc.

ZemTV kodi

  • It can be downloaded from the super-repo –

You have to be a little bit patient if this site gets a little trouble.

SmoothStreams :

It offers more than 50 live channels, covering the ranges of the world. Play with them in different qualities as like 540p, 720p, and 1080p.

SmoothStreams kodi

  • It can be downloaded from the mentioned URL –

Ultimate IPTV :

It might be not that much well known but it does a fantastic job. It displays a number of IPTV channels from across the world, which might be geo-restricted in your area.

Ultimate IPTV kodi addon

  • Ultimate IPTV is present in the Super Repo –

Best Kodi Addons for Cartoons & Animations :Cartoon Hd kodi addon

Cartoon HD :

Kids are lucky to have this amazing Kodi Add-on. As it provides a number of great cartoon channels but also, educational knowledgeable cartoons. All the links works amazingly without any delays. It was earlier available at the Talk Repository

Cartoon HD

  • But now, You can currently Download Cartoon HD from Xunity Talk Repo –

Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon Jr :

The Kodi Add-on is great for Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon Jr lovers. It provides all Nickelodeon cartoons and is amazing for the kids.Nickelodeon Jr

You can get this Kodi add-ons for the pleasure and your kids at the Fusion repo –

CartoonsOn :

Another spectacular Kodi Addon for animated characters which are cartoon lovers. A number of cartoon shows that are loved and admired by both children and adults. It also covers a huge number of animated movies.CartoonsOn

  • This amazing cartoon add-on can be downloaded in the Noobs and Nerds Repository –

Super Cartoons Kodi :

This is also one of the best Kodi Add-ons due to its unique characteristic of large media library which are specially designed for the children. You can allow to work this Kodi Addon by itself to play any random cartoon episode for you.Super Cartoons Kodi

  • It was earlier found on Dandy Media Repo –
  • But now due to its down fall, it is found from Kodil Repo –

Cartoons Clown :

Regardless of its name, Cartoons Clown is not a slave to just host animated TV shows, but a very wonderful collection of movie and TV shows is also present there in it.Cartoons Clown kodi addon

  • You can receive it by downloading this Kodi addon from super repo –

Best Kodi Addons For Anime Shows :Kodi addon anime show

Anime Go :

Such a Kodi Krypton Addon, which is a precious thing for anime lovers. It supports almost 600 anime Shows and movies. You can take pleasure from the design and UI because they are beyond imagination, simply amazing. If you are a passionate Anime fan you can download this amazing Kodi from the dk-xbmc repo.Anime Go


KissAnime :

It’s the heaven for the anime lovers. This has shown 6,000 anime Tv Shows and movies. It has a Vito Power that not any other Kodi has guts to come near to it. You can stream any kind of anime show whether it’s the oldest one or the latest one.KissAnime kodi addon

  • Download it from the

Best Kodi Addons for Streaming Music :Best kodi Addons for music


The most beneficial Kodi Addon for the music lovers. It has taken its peak just little time ago. It has different categories like Billboard Top 100, top albums and many more.MP3 STREAMS kodi addon

  • Download it from the Super repo –

Music Box :

This came into existence a few years back. And its presence has become the favorite of Kodi Users. A vast music library makes it special. ITunes schedules are already available and can be turned on by just 1 click.Music Box kodi

TuneIn Radio :

One of the most popular Kodi Add-on as for the PC and Mobile users. It is a must for the radio lovers. You can sync it to the Kodi media player by registering yourself by a free account on TuneIn. Get this amazing Kodi addon from theTuneIn Radio kodi

  • TuneIn repo –

BeatZ :

Another amazing music Add-on for Kodi which is a good and must for the Fire Tv users. It sources music from a vast ways of different websites. The UI is very neat and the media content is updated all the time.BeatZ kodi

  • Download it from this repo –

The Music Store :

This store is a different from the basic music Kodi add-ons. It has a very delicate and interesting Music Quiz sections. You can download this bravo Kodi addon from the very famous Ares Repo.Music Store kodi

Best Premium Kodi Addons :

Best premium kodi addons


It’s a premium Kodi Krypton add-on. And is a legal many of other of other add-ons on this list but in this case a premium is supposed to be paid. Different channels contents are here like BBC, HBO, and FOX etc.ACE IPTV mania


This comes with the subscription which is based on every month of about “ Pound 12.00.” You can stream all sorts of sports events of highlights or even the live streaming in HD on Mania HD.MANIA HD kodi

SportsAccess :

Another very popular that’s provides the live streaming. This could be of your favorite sport events like of NFL, NBA and much other. It is a premium add-on you’ll be asked to pay in BitCoin to access it.Sports Access kodi addon

Best Kodi Fitness/ Workouts Addons :Kodi fitness addons

Pulse Fitness :

Fitness enthusiasts should go for this best Kodi Addon for the pulse Fitness. It shows number of programs as Yoga, dietary and other such TV shows. There are also loads of sustainable programs so you continue your diet.pulse fitness kodi addon

  • It is an easy way to download from Super Repo –


It’s a must for all fitness addicts. It consists of huge collections of workout videos and other moves as well.Ares Fitness kodi addon

  • It is available under the under the most popular Ares Project repo –


This Addon not only displays workout programs and promoting videos. Physicality not only lets you learn about the UFC fights but also guides about the fitness.PHYSICALITY kodi

  • You can download this from the Super Repo –


It is one of the most prominent Kodi Add-ons under the category of the fitness enthusiasts. It also has a very well-known sports section.BAMF TV kodi addon

  • Download this from this repo –

Kodi Add-ons That Are Not Working Anymore :

One of the most popular add-ons which are not working now due to their stopped updates and you don’t need to install are mentioned as a list below.

SALTS (Stream All The Sources) :

SALTS is another and most popular addon which has stopped working after Fusion Repository lost. It boasts a large updates media gallery which has a collection of latest movies and TV shows. If you are a movie lover than there is no need to look more towards SALTS because there is no such Kodi Krypton Addon as SALTS which is having all the latest movies and is surely way more better than any other movie add-on.SALTS kodi addon

Cerebro Showbox :

This TV repo is known for the displaying and providing perfect Kodi Add-ons. A new video add-on names “ Cerebro Showbox”, that is now hot topic of the area. Users of this like it and has gathered a very positive and a good response.Cerebro Showbox kodi addon

But the saddest part is that Cerebro Showbox has now stopped working on Kodi Krypton 17.6. You can download this amazing Kodi Addon from the Kodil Repo.

  • URL of Kodil Repo –

A perfect alternative to Exodus and Covenant Add-ons. Here you have a step-by-step guide to install Cerebro Showbox .

  • Pro Tip: A Kodi VPN is only safety that you need to avoid copyright notices, DMCAs, ISP throttling, and geo-blocking of best Kodi addons.

Cerebro TV Heaven :

This is another one of the best offerings from Cerebro TV repo. It gives bundle of content like IPTV, movies etc. it is a product of Cerebro TV Repository ( and no doubt that this is well known for giving many high leveled Kodi addons.Cerebro TV Heaven kodi addon

Watch5s :

One of the most popular Kodi addon to be present on this list of top Kodi addons. You would be just a click away from your favorite and most liked movie.Watch5s kodi addon

  • It can be downloaded from the Simply Caz Repo –

Fine and Dandy :

A dandy media as known by its name is a very famous movie Addon for Kodi. Stay confirms to check this Kodi Addon on your Fire TV.Fine and Dandy kodi addon

  • Now, download this Kodi Addon from the dandy media repo –

Real Movies :

It is another quite an old time Kodi add-on that has been there just for a while now. It displays 4K movies, TV shows and all other categorized shows, but most of the links works very co-operatively and smoothly.Real Movies kodi

  • Get this Kodi Addon form streams addon repo –

Deliverance :

It is a competitively a new Kodi sports addon that has been emerged after famous SportsDevil and Castaway were taken down. It has a great media library which was developed by Paul Aspden.Deliverance kodi addon

  • Download Deliverance from here –

Champion Sports :

This Kodi provides the users free access over 50 sports channels. This fabulous Kodi Add-on is an integral part of every sport.Champion Sports kodi addon

  • Don’t forget to download this Kodi from this repo (

Football Repeat :

The holy grail of football lovers. If you want to combine every shot in the one group than no need to look further. This Kodi offers highlights of Premier League and other leagues as well.Football Repeat kodi addon

  • This Kodi was available at the origin repo –

But it’s a grief that it has been taken down and is no longer a part of this system.

Redemption :

Redemption displays a lot than sports like moves and other TV shows etc. no doubt it is more popular in the Kodi Krypton Addons world due to its extensive content.Redemption kodi addon

  • Redemption was first available at the Echocoder repo – , But it also is no longer working. :

It doesn’t host many animes as KissAnime, it has a great collection of over 800 Anime titles. You can stream it in all the HD quality. If you are an anime lover than do give it a try. kodi addon

Rave Player :

It also has been one of the most popular Kodi add-ons for just a quiet period of time. And thanks to its wonderful music library. It also shows the DJ sets and Mix Tapes section. Just give this as well a try on your Fire TV and enjoy a Houseful bonus.Rave Player kodi addon

This was our short listed best Kodi Addons which are in the present time working best. If you feel any change in this list , Please let us know about the changes. We will heartily welcome your comments.

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